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Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of sensors for factory automation.

With our innovative sensors and vision cameras we accompany your transformation into a digital factory.

Panasonic built-in Sensors contribute to energy savings, safety, comfort security, awareness and much more.


Doosan Robotics adds Finch Automation to their Platinum Partnership Club

We are proud to represent Doosan Robotics as a Platinum Partner. These collaborative robots have added a new level of sophistication to our already strong stable […]

Finch Automation provides PALTZ, the amazing palletizing solution from beRobox and Doosan

One of the most amazing solutions for manufacturers, distributors, packers and freight transporters, the amazing PALTZ system provides integrated, and automated palletizing from the conveyor of […]

Finch Automation Proud to Announce Partnership with Doosan

Finch Automation is proud to announce a partnership with Doosan – offering their sleek, cost-effective cobot solutions to Midwest manufacturers. Our experience and knowledge of advanced, […]