Why Finch

More than 50 years experience in providing the most respected brands, the most innovative automation solutions combined with a knowledgeable staff of engineers to ensure maximized productivity makes Finch Automation your best choice to reach your goals.

And for Sustaining Productivity Goals

Finch Automation takes pride in assisting our customers with programming that is specific to their individual needs. Additionally, with on-call support, preventive maintenance and an accessible service staff, every partnership with Finch delivers more for the long-term success of your manufacturing business.


Finch Automation provides PALTZ, the amazing palletizing solution from beRobox and Doosan

One of the most amazing solutions for manufacturers, distributors, packers and freight transporters, the amazing PALTZ system provides integrated, and automated palletizing from the conveyor of […]

Finch Automation Proud to Announce Partnership with Doosan

Finch Automation is proud to announce a partnership with Doosan – offering their sleek, cost-effective cobot solutions to Midwest manufacturers. Our experience and knowledge of advanced, […]

Finch Automation Delivers for Wolf Metals in Columbus, Ohio

READY Robotics and Finch Automation have been extremely helpful with the operation of the robot and have also been very willing to help us with changes […]